mxCourt Jurisdiction Or Court User Administration

1. Jurisdiction User Registration

  • 1.1. New Jurisdiction Account Administrator: You will receive an email invitation from mxCourt to sign up as a Court Administrator. Follow the link in the email and complete your registration.

  • 1.2. New Jurisdiction Account Member Sign-Up: Requires an invitation email from the Jurisdiction Account Administrator.

2. New Account Administrator Registration/Approval

  • 2.1. Once a new Account Administrator has registered the Jurisdiction Administrator will receive an email. In the Account Administrator Edit Account section the account can be approved. Upon approval an email will be sent to the Account Administrator for activation. The Account Administrator applicant will have to follow this link to activate the account.

    The Account Administrator must click on the link (link does not expire) in the email to activate the account. Once that is done, the account is now active. (Note: The mxCourt Administrator can overwrite this process by activating the account.)

3. New Account Member Invitation/Registration

  • 3.1. New Account Members can only register by invitation from the Account Administrator. They will get a link and must follow this link to register. They should NOT register via the sign up link, since this will only create Account Administrator.

4. JD Administrator Audit Information