mxCourts Instrument Groups 

Deeds and Land Records (LR)

Any writing authorized by law to be recorded, whether made on paper or in electronic format, which the clerk records affecting title to real property.

Financing Statements (FS)

A record or set of records composed of an initial financing statement and any filed record relating to the initial financing statement.

General Miscellaneous (GM)

Includes Charters, Military Discharge 214, Notary Public, Plats, and other Miscellaneous filings.

Judgments (JD)

The legal documents stating the reasons for a judicial decision. "Opinions" are usually written by a single judge.

Marriage Licenses (ML)

An official recorded document issued by a governmental authority that proves that the couple listed on the marriage certificate have a legal marriage. Learn more about applying for a Marriage License on mxCourt.

Wills and Fiduciaries (WF)

A legally enforceable declaration of how a person wants their property or assets to be distributed after death.

Other Document Types Available on mxCourt

  • Deed Index 1856 - 1969
  • Birth Certificates 1856 - 1871
  • Death Register 1856 - 1871
  • Survey Maps 
  • Highway Maps
  • Plat Maps