mxCourt Status Types And Status Stages

1. What Are the Different Status Types on mxCourt?

  • ACCEPTED = The court will select this status after you have “EFILED”
  • DELETED = You can delete a document while in “INCOMPLETE”
  • EFILED = When you are ready to submit to the court, select “EFILED”
  • INCOMPLETE = When you have started a document (before EFILED), it is “INCOMPLETE”
  • RECORDED-U = When the court has recorded the document, it goes to “RECORDED-Unverified”
  • RECORDED-V = When the court has recorded and verified the RECORDED-U document, it goes to “RECORDED-Verified”
  • REJECTED = After you efiled, the court can change to “REJECTED” RETRACTED = You can retract a document while it is in "EFILED Status"

2. The Efile Flow and Status Stages of a Document From Creation to Recording:

  • 1. Create a new document = INCOMPLETED
  • 2. Submit to the court or efile select = EFILED
  • 3. The court can either change to ACCEPTED or REJECTED (You can re-efile a rejected document - use the re-efile button on the detail page)
  • 4. After the document is ACCEPTED by the court and successful payment processing is completed, it is RECORDED
  • 5. After the document is RECORDED, the court places the document into FINALIZED