How to Search Documents on mxCourt

Basic Search

From the main document list page:


You can select your search type by Date, Instrument ID, and efile ID, and filter your search by the different document status types that apply to your account.

Advanced Search

Click Search on the main navigation bar. From the search page, you can complete more advanced searches with more filter options. You can access the search page here:

On the advanced search page, you can search by Instrument Type, Instrument Group, Document Status, Document Status Date, etc. The default search will be displayed by the latest available status date. You can sort each display column in ascending or descending order.

When you search by Instrument ID or efileID, the default search order will be by the ID you have entered.

If you want to search for one specific Instrument ID or efileID, please enter this ID in the From and To fields of the Instrument ID field.

If you wish to search for a range of IDs, please enter the starting ID into the From and the ending ID into the To field.