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During Sign Up you can select one of these mxCourt Subscription plans.

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Before you sign up learn more about the two mxCourt Account Types

Account Administrator and Account Member are the two mxCourt Account types

Only Account Administrators sign up here. Administrators manage payment methods and can invite Members

Account Members do Not sign up here. You will be invited by your Account Administrator via email with sign in instructions.

You will have many benefits (document sharing, reduced fees, etc.) if your organization only signs up for one Account Administrator. Only the Account Administrator can invite an unlimited number of Account Members via email from mxCourt.

During the Sign Up process as Account Administrator you will need to select a Subscription Plan

mxCourt Subscription Plans.

Enter a payment method: Credit Card or Direct Bank Transfer

mxCourt User Agreement

Step 1: Before you sign up as mxCourt Account Administrator

Check if you or somebody in your organization is a registered mxCourt Account Administrator.

If you are not sure if somebody is registered, enter the email address in the email field on the sign up page; mxCourt will let you know if the email is available or not.

If your email is registered please sign in to your account. If somebody else’s email from your organization is registered as Administrator, please ask this person to invite you as a Member by providing your email address to them.

Still not sure if your organization has an Account Administrator with mxCourt? Contact efileCX Support to find out.

Step 2: Sign Up or Sign Into mxCourt

Yes, I would like to sign up as the mxCourt Account Administrator for my organization.

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Account Member Do NOT sign up here: Ask your Account Administrator for an email invitation if you want to sign up as Account Member.