mxCourt is a cloud and subscription-based court document recording and management platform accessed remotely. The following document types can be e-recorded - directly or via an API - and/or remotely accessed by court-approved users anytime from anywhere: land records or deeds, judgments, financing statements, wills and fiduciaries, general miscellaneous, and marriage licenses.

Individuals and commercial or government organizations can apply - a valid driver license is required, which will be deleted upon approval - for an account online by signing up below. Gain access to these features with an account:

  • Transaction-based e-recording via subscription
  • Tier and subscription-based index search, document retrieval
  • Integration with tax assessment, GIS data
  • Organization-based account management
  • Available 365/24/7.


mxAbstract is a feature that automates the creation of title abstracts based on mxCourt recorded deeds, easements, judgments, etc. Title abstracts can be ordered vai a shopping-cart as un-certified or certified (RESPA) and can be purchased by individuals, mortgages, settlements, or title organizations via a shopping cart. See more details about ordering title abstracts online.

The mxAbstract application is independent from mxCourt and does not require title abstracting knowledge as it is created by mxAbstract with the input of professional title abstractors. Access to a subscription to mxCourt does not grant access to mxAbstract. Individuals and commercial or government organizations can sign up free to mxAbstract and order title abstracts based on parcel ID or parcel number and pay a fee based on the type of title abstract orders.

mxAbstract lets you:

  • Place title abstracts orders online
  • Manage and view title abstracts orders
  • View, download, and share store completed title abstracts
  • Pay as you go; subscription is not required.

An existing mxCourt account does not give access to mxAbstract; a new registration under a separate email address is required.

Sign Up/In to mxCourt or mxAbstract

Court offices should not be burdened with ever-changing technological challenges; mxCourt enables them to concentrate on their core competencies and not technology.

Court offices and users can collaborate, create, share, finalize, record/e-record, manage, and search the following instruments/forms:

  • Land records, judgments, wills and fiduciaries, financing statements, general miscellaneous, and marriage licenses.
  • List of allowances
  • In development: paperless form acceptance, management.