Order a Title Abstract Online

Mixnet launched mxAbstract as a feature that is built on mxCourt for the Wise County, VA Circuit Court Records Management application.

What is mxAbstract? This program automatically creates title abstracts for Wise County/City of Norton, VA recorded instruments based on parcel number or situs address. The title abstracts include instruments for deeds, judgments, easements, encumbrances, etc.

As a result of mxAbstract, title abstracts can now be ordered online with these optional certification levels: un-certified, RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act is a federal law designed to protect consumers in the settlement of real estate transactions) or a VET (certified Virginia Title Examiner).

What does mxAbstract do or provide?

  • Sign up with a simple online account registration
  • Place title abstract orders via parcel number and situs address
  • Receive title abstract order status notification
  • View, download, or share completed title abstracts
  • A subscription is not required; pay as you go
  • Availability 365/24/7.

mxAbstract Title Abstract Fees

The fees are based on whether the title abstract is for a residential or commercial property and the type of certification required.

  • Currently, only Residential Property Title Abstract Uncertified is available, starting at $59
  • Residential Title Abstract RESPA Certified: to be added in the future
  • Commercial Property Title Abstract Un-certified: to be added in the future
  • Commercial Title Abstract RESPA Certified: to be added in the future
  • Title Abstract Order Agreement.

How to Access mxAbstract

If you are a mxCourt registered and active user, you will need to sign-up and create a new account just for mxAbstract under a different email address than the mxCourt email address. If you are a new user - not currently registered with mxCourt - sign up below for a new mxAbstract account.

The following information is required to sign-up for mxAbstract:

  • A user-created username/password
  • Email address
  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Method of payment: credit card or direct bank account.

You register for mxAbstract with Mixnet LLC, not with the Wise County Circuit Court office. Once your account is active, you can begin with order placements.

Order delivery time will depend on the complexity of the title abstract.